Anthem and Coat of Arms

Coat of Arms

Kielce received city rights in Medieval Period in 1364. By the end of 15th century the Cardinal Fryderyk Jagiellończyk gave the coat of arms which presented a golden crown and beneath it the golden letters “CK” on the red background. The letters CK, probably standing for Latin Civitas Kielcensis which means Kielce Citizenship.



The Kielce City has had its own anthem Since 1996. It was composed by Karol Anbild – an eminent musician, composer, teacher, conductor and a long-standing director of the Kielce Philharmonic Orchestra. The anthem can be heard every day at noon from the tower of Kielce City Hall.

The artistic context of the anthem is strictly tied with our charming region with the characteristic theme of the mysterious Fir Forest.

The author pointed out that his composition was inspired by narrative poem under the same title of famous regional novelist and dramatist – Stefan Żeromski.

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The anthem in the format mp3 (500 kB)

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