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Memorial to Miles Targi Kielce Jazz Festival The festival is in a way a tribute to the legendary jazz trumpeter - Miles Davis . It always takes place in September, around the anniversary of his death (28 September 1991) at the stage of the Kielce Culture Centre.



ANIMA MUNDI is an International Festival of Organ and Sacred Music that already permanently inscribed in the musical landscape of the region. Its open formula - not only the classic organ music , but also choral baroque, folk or religious music - makes it possible to experience a whole range of musical feelings. The festival is organized every year in Kielce churches  around Easter time in order to deepen and diversify religious emotions related to the Passion and Death of Jesus. Festival " Amim Mundii " was founded in Kielce, on the initiative of the  prof. Jerzy Rosinski - cathedral organist , composer and animator of culture. All editions of the festival gathered artists and choirsters of international stage.




Scouts Cultural Fesival of School Youth  Every year on July, children and youth groups working in schools or educational and cultural organizations, scouts and artistic groups take part in this festival. Due to the event Kielce are visited by the young people from all over Europe. It always  lasts two weeks and starts with the welcoming concert in which artists from Kielce greet guests. The next day, along the main streets of the city, a colorful parade of dancing participants takes place. The final point of the parade is visiting the Mayor of the city, who hands in artists the key to the city. Every day of the festival is devoted to different music category. The winner of the particular category  receives : gold, silver or brown fir. Fir-tree is a characteristic tree occurring in the forests of Holy Cross Mountains. During the whole stay in Kielce participants can use free of charge from swimming pools, public transport etc.



NURT National Independent Review of Documentary Forms is an annualy  review, summary and calculation of films and other documentary forms that have been realized by professional artists and debutants in the past year. NURT was established in 1995 in Cracow , since 1996, it had been moved to Kielce to the Kielce Cultural Centre. From the very beginning the event remains the only regular review devoted to the Polish documentary forms. It gives the chance to see the best premiere productions, participate in a subject-night movie marathons, meeting with people from the industry, participate in workshops with the professionals and prominent moviemakers.The phenomenon of the growing popularity of documentary form in the world emerges from the fact that it is the only medium of steadily increasing credit of public trust. The success that it has won lays in the sensitivity to reality and exploration of themes that for a long time had been remaining on the margins of interest.

The event in Kielce is dedicated to the document which stands for an expressive cinema fleeting from a neutral and detached overview for the emitional and social involvement.




Off Fashion  - International Competition for Designers and Fashion Enthusiast

The concept of the Off Fashion was an idea of the President of Kielce – Mr. Wojciech Lubawski. The event is addressed to young designers who want to influence on fashion market in Poland and the whole continent. The aim of the competition is to give young  designers the opportunity to present their collections to wide audience. From year to year the event is becoming more and more recognized in the fashion world, which is reflected by the number of entered projects.

Reports regarding the event are published in many nation-wide television channels such as TVN, TVP INFO, POLSAT, TVP 1, as well as in broadcasting stations, daily press, fashion magazines and prestigious magazines such as "SUKCES", "Twój Styl", "Show", "Newsweek", "Moda i Styl". It has been proved that this kind of  attention determines the great success of the Competition.

Off Fashion is also a wide-open window on the world as the prize-winners, thanks to the cooperation of  with the Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design, the International School of Costume and Fashion Design in Warsaw, the TEKO Design + Business school in Denmark and the Art School KOEFIA in Rome. schools in Rome and Denmark, are awarded scholarships at Art Universities endowed by our European partners. They also have the opportunity to present their collections on prestigious fashion shows.







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