Cultural centres

Kielce Cultural Centre

Working since 1992, it is one of the country’s most modern edifices built for the needs of a theatre and a philharmonic orchestra. The Centre conducts versatile activities including artistic productions, publishing, exhibitions and concerts. The Centre has a large hall with a revolving stage and an auditorium for 700, and a little hall seating 200. The Centre organizes many concerts, theatrical and operatic performances, cabaret shows and operettas.
Based in the building is the Oskar Kolberg Philharmonic. KCC provides patronage for many cultural activities in the town.

Kielce Cultural Centre, pl. Moniuszki 2B tel. 041-344-40-32


Provincial House of Culture

The edifice was erected in 1935 as Józef Piłsudski House of Military Preparation and Physical Education. Now the House conducts cultural activities for the town and for the Świętokrzyskie Province (many artistic clubs, festivals, reviews of artistic achievements, tournaments and competitions).
The House accommodates a Cultural Centre of the Blind, covering the whole country with its activities. Apart from the stately rooms (lined with Kielce marble), in the premises there is a sports hall.

Józef Piłsudski Provincial House of Culture, Kielce, ul. Ściegiennego 6  tel. 041-361-27-37



House of Artistic Circles

Located in the historic mansion of Tomasz Zieliński, a 19th century promoter of culture. Since 1985 the House has dealt with the broadly understood popularization of art and culture (exhibitions, concerts, meetings with artists and symposiums). In the premises you can marvel at the Romantic arrangement of the interior, including the beautiful Poniatowski room, many reliefs and sculptures in the garden of 1854. There is a cafe and a restaurant.

House of Artistic Circles, ul. Zamkowa 5   tel. 041-368-20-53, 041-368-20-54



Provincial Public Library

Belonging to Poland’s major libraries, it has 14 branches in the city. Its resources amount to nearly 550 thousand volumes, including a valuable collection of old prints. The library serves over 54 thousand readers, making available to them over 1.2 million volumes per year.


Provincial Public Library, tel. 041-34-470-74



Youth Culture House


ul. Kozia 10a, 25-514 Kielce, 

phone: [41] 36 76 650

e-mail: mdk.poczta@gmail.com

website: www.mdkkielce.pl

Kielce City Hall, Rynek 1, 25-303 Kielce
tel. 41-36-76-553, fax 41-36-76-552

Investor Assistance Centre

e-mail: +48 41 36 76 557, 41 36 76 571