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Świętokrzyska Philharmonic (ul. Żeromskiego 12)

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Oskar Kolberg Świętokrzyska Philharmonic is based in the building of the Kielce Cultural Centre. It continues the tradition of the Kielce Symphonic Orchestra founded in 1933.


Among popular musical events are jazz concerts in Tomasz Zieliński’s mansion, concerts of classical music from the series “The Castle Nights” held in the historic interior of the Palace of Kraków Bishops, and the Scouts’ Festival of Culture of School Youth, held every year since 1974. In the summer you can attend concerts of rock and folk music in the city park, or sea shanties on the artificial lake.


The Concert Brass Band of the Świętokrzyska Philharmonic was founded in 1996 and works under the direction of Jan Tokarz, a French horn player of the Świętokrzyska Philharmonic. The orchestra plays popular music, famous hits of the 20th century, soundtrack music, and classical music too. The orchestra performs in Kielce, in holiday and health resorts and in schools.

Salon Music Ensemble “Animato” was started in 1991 by the violinist and violin teacher Andrzej Zuzański. The ensemble is mostly made up of musicians connected with the Świętokrzyska Philharmonic. The repertoire of “Animato” consists mainly of waltzes, csardases, polkas, marches, suites, gallops and soundtrack music.

Some of the most remarkable composers, conductors and musicians working in Kielce are: Mirosław Niziurski, Karol Anbild (the author of the anthem of Kielce), Andrzej Zuzański, Jan Burek and Jerzy Mikuśkiewicz. Apart from their artistic work, they are active organizers of musical life, teachers in Kielce school of music and in the Institute of Music of the Świętokrzyska Academy.

Kielce and the region gave also many stars of Polish pop music. Connected with our town are Andrzej “Piasek” Piaseczny, Krzysztof “KASA” Kasowski, Włodzimierz Kiniorski, Monika Salita, Liroy and the group Mafia.


Kielce Dance Theatre
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A showpiece of our city is the Kielce Dance Theatre (www.ktt.pl ), established in 1995 by Elżbieta Szlufik, a talented director and choreographer and winner of the 1999 City Award. The young dancers have already performed for audience in Kielce and on other stages in the shows: “Feelings”, “Quo vadis”, “On the other side of dreams”, “The Man and the Women”, “To be or to take” and “Rhapsody in Blue”.

The children and young people from the Kielce dance school “Step by Step” are among the country’s leading dancing clubs. They win medals and awards in domestic and foreign presentations in the categories of dancing formations, dancing couples, and individually.

Dancers from the Świętokrzyski Dancing Club “Jump” also win medals at national dance competitions. The club has also a group of cheerleaders. “Jump” organizes dancing events, workshops, dance training camps and balls for children.

Dance and Style Studio “Rewanż” also succeeds on the dance floor. (www.rewanz.pl)

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