Stefan Żeromski Theatre

Existing since 1945, it is located in a period house of the second half of the 19th century, where formerly the Hotel Polski was located. It gives several premieres every year. Apart from its own repertoire, the theatre invites other companies with their production. Some of the performances staged in the edifice in Sienkiewicza Street are world premieres of Polish contemporary playwrights. At the end of each season, there is the Wild Rose Poll, when the public awards the best actors and the most popular performances.




Puppet and Actor Theatre “Kubuś”

One of the most modern and beautiful theatres for children in Poland. Awarded many times at festivals of puppet theatres at home and abroad. Visited by about fifty thousand of the youngest spectators per year. In its repertoire, it also has performances for older audience. The theatre gives performances outside its home stage as well.

Kielce, ul. Duża 9 a



Kielce Dance Theatre

Kielce Dance Theatre is one of three institutional dance theatres in Poland.  The idea of creating a professional team was initiated by Elżbieta Szlufik-Pańtak – Director of Kielce Dance Theatre and Grzegorz Pańtak – Vice Director. The Theatre made its debut by the spectacle titled Feelings premiered on the stage of Stefan Jaracz Theatre in Olsztyn, in December,1995. At the beginning, Kielce Dance Theatre was a private team. Since 1996, it has been operated as an association till the date of 11th March, when according to the City of Kielce Resolution has become a self-governing cultural institution financed by the budget of the City of Kielce. The management of Kielce Dance Theatre aims to create an artistic team, that specializes in repertoire based on  jazz dance style. Amongst realization of dance performances there are also small choreographic pieces and spectacles with participation of the symphony orchestra and choir, for example:

Premieres with the participation of the Kielce Philharmonic:

Passion, music by Paweł Lukowiec, 2006

It happened in Jerusalem, music by Krzesimir Dębski, stage design by Boris

Kudlička, 2008Following choreographers invited by Kielce Dance Theatre, who has carried through the spectacles:

Katarzyna Skawińska, Ira Nadia Kodiche, Zofia Rudnicka, Beate Vollack, Piotr Galiński, Thierry Verger, Witold Jurewicz, Andrzej Morawiec, Alain Bernard, Jacek Tyski, Sławomir Woźniak.

Kielce Dance Theatre also cooperated with directors as following: Jerzy Bielunas, Leszek Kumański, Krzysztof Jasiński, Jarosław Minkowicz.


Kielce Dance Theatre activity spreads over three areas:

  • artistic , creation and presentation of the spectacles,
  • educational, training of young dancers in the children's and youth dance groups, open dance lessons and the International Jazz Dance Workshops organized twice a year, since 2010 at Theatre disposal there is also a building of Kielce Dance Theatre Dance School,
  • impresario, organizing annual Kielce Dance Festival,


The most important achievements of Kielce Dance Theatre are:

  • creation and organization of Chopin4 a music-dance show, according to Chopin’s Year, cooperation with TVP,2010
  • attendance in mega production of Turandot Opera, directed by Michał Znaniecki, Wrocław Opera, 2010,
  • attendance in the concert as well as music and ballet film Seven gates of Jerusalem, on the occasion of 75th  birthday anniversary of Krzysztof Penderecki, Grand Theatre – National Opera (TVP, 2008), the film has been nominated for TV award,  2009 INTERNATIONAL  EMMY® AWARD, in the category ARTS PROGRAMMING,
  • Świętokrzyskie Voivodship Marshal Award In the Labyrinth of Art, in the category: Świętokrzyskie Vivodship Cultural Institution, 2006
  • Grzegorz Pańtak 3rd prize in Choreography Competition in Ducan Centre in Prauge, Czech Republic, 2005
  • Kielce Dance Theatre soloists participation in semifinals of prestigious International Competition of Ballet and Contemporary Dance in Nagoii, Japan, 2005
  • artistic representation of the Świętokrzyskie Vivodship during Polish accession to the European Union, Brussels , 2004
  • artistic performance during the concerts of: Czesław Niemen, Justyna Steczkowska realized for TVP 2,2004
  • in 1998-1999 the spectacle titled To Be or to Take during an artistic season was declared to be the most cultural event in the City of Kielce ( an opinion of Gazeta Wyborcza’ journalists)

Since the beginning of creation of Kielce Dance Theatre there were about 150 dancers who gave rise to the tradition of theatrical dance in Kielce and shaped the group of professional dancers in Poland.

Kielce Dance Theatre, 25-344 Kielce, pl. Moniuszki 2B
Tel. 41-361-27-46 – secretarial office.


Theatre “ECCE HOMO” (Artistic Association)

Theatre “Ecce Homo” was organized in 1996 in the State Schools of Visual Arts in Kielce on an initiative of Tadeusz Maj and Marek Tercz. The theatre uses the formula of performance combining all areas of art (visual arts, music, text. movement), creating their own artistic language.
The theatre has been noted and awarded, as well as invited to some major festivals. The theatre won the first prize at the all-Polish presentation of Fine Arts Theatres in Bydgoszcz in 2000 for the performance “Apocalypsis”. It is also an initiator of an all-Polish review of alternative theatres.



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