International Cooperation


International cooperation of the city of Kielce covers various platform, from which the most important are: informational, educational, cultural, touristic, economic and promotional. Comprehensive mutual collaboration encourages the development of local governments, supports match making business, serves Kielce citizens from generation to generation, helps various environments: students, seniors, scientists, sportspeople or artists. Kielce has signed already the partnership agreement with four European cities: Vinnytsia (Ukraine), Gotha (Germany), Budapest-Csepel (Hungary), Orange (France) and friendly cooperation agreements with Yuyao (China) and Ramla (Israel).


Twin Cities



Gotha – Germany

Vinnitsya – Ukraine

Budapest Csepel – Hungary

Ramla - Israel

Orange – France

Yuyao – China



Another friendly cooperations



Sandviken – Sweden

Bacău- Romania

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Investor Assistance Centre

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